Every Day Case
  It is designed for the every day
transport of medications, pens,
needles and glucometers.
Travel Bag  
Transport your medication
between 2 to 8°C or 22°C
This polyurethane insulated
bag consists of two identical halves
and maintains temperature stability
for 12 to 24 hours.
A System that works!
The System consists of Three Major Parts:

Safe transport of medication while traveling!

The core of this system is a double shell cooling element filled with a delta T fluid that is freezing a 4°C and keeps the temperature between 2 to 8°C. The element should be kept in a refrigerator preferably at 3°C until all of the fluid is solid. An LCD temperature indicator shows whether the element is ready to use. The medication package should be placed between the shells. After traveling the LCD indicator shows the actual surface temperature.

The inside of the bag is lined with a water resistant foil. The element is also available for 22°C and fits exactly into the oval space that is closed by a sturdy zipper and the bag is insulated with 5 mm polyurethane.

This cooler is perfect for the transport of medication such as
insulin, interferone, vaccines and other personal cold chain medicine. During travel your medication will stay cool for 12 hours and more.

  This small, insulated case that comes with a zipper can be attached to the travel bag easily.
With an additional gel pack, room temperature can be maintained. The case can hold all required components.
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